MJ Walker House Tour

If you know the band Paradise Fears (if you don’t you should look them up!) you will know of the Keyboardist Michael Walker. In the past year he has worked endlessly for his solo tour and his first solo album The Shift.Inner Circle logo

In order to debut his album he chose to take a unique approach in order to get his music out to his fans, he is doing a house tour. A house tour means fans pay a fee for the artist or band in order to have a private in home concert. Last night (6/13/16) he played for my friends and I and it was pretty spectacular.

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Band Feature: Our Story Begins

Once upon a time I found a band completely by coincidence. I liked a different band page on Facebook and I got an alert for a band that “You may also like” (thank you Facebook for once spamming me with networking skills.)

I am a music junkie and finding new music is my poison, so with no hesitation and a simple click of a button I was thrown into a new world of music. To be completely honest I became addicted and then soon after I received a random friend request and it was one of the members. 
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